연어/숙어로 연습하는 일상 대화 (초급)

Hi, thank you, I’m sorry, congratulations, … 같은 상황에서 1가지 표현만 매번 반복해서 지겨우셨던 분들을 위해 준비했습니다. 주어진 상황별 역할극을 통해 매일 10개 이상의 새로운 표현을 연습합니다.
Day 01. set in stone / bug off
Day 02. Can you fill me in? / Wasn’t having any of that
Day 03. How much do I owe you?/ Let’s keep in touch
Day 04. I would like to make a toast/ I’m into
Day 05. What’s eating you?/ Piece of cake
Day 06. Is this seat taken?/ Hold on a minute
Day 07. Off to/ The sooner, the better
Day 08. I can’t think of his name offhand/It’s a small world
Day 09. I can’t wait to see him/Time flies when you are havi
Day 10. Let’s call it a day/ Think nothing of it
Day 11. Rain check/ Rule of thumb
Day 12. Be my guest/ I’ll just charge it
Day 13. Butter finger/ Catch the drift
Day 14. Wait and see/ I’m not at liberty to say
Day 15. Have a good one/ Can’t argue with that
Day 16. On board/ Ball is in your court
Day 17. Make up my mind/ Root for
Day 18. Make everyone’s blood boil/ Paying someone a visit
Day 19. Easy, there!/ Cut someone some slack
Day 20. Hold that thought/ I’m just mocking you
Day 21. Come on/ In your dreams
Day 22. Wouldn’t miss sth for the world/ Give me a beep
Day 23. Sell like hotcakes/ Back to square one
Day 24. Look on the bright side/ Get canned
Day 25. There’s no accounting for taste/ Down in the dumps

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  • - 개별 단어보다 연어와 숙어를 더 익히고 싶으신 분
  • - 원어민과 친구, 동료 관계를 맺고 싶으신 분
  • - 기초패키지l, ll 수강을 마치신 분

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